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I'm Elyse Rogers a Manchester singer/songwriter

My first experience as a Singer/Songwriter was in a band at the age of 14. Over the next few years, I traveled around the North West of England and sang within different social venues and nightclubs, In 1993 I joined a Eurodance duo group based in Berlin, MAXX, and had 2 top ten hits in the UK & Europe. 

Around 2004, I had a real interest in personal development and well-being, and most weekends would attend many different workshops around the UK.  I have trained in many different healing modalities, and over time I began to apply these to my solo music.  2012 was a defining moment for me in music when I discovered the health benefits of the many different musical tones and healing frequencies, and by 2015, my first solo album ’The Love Energy’ was released. This Album is unique in that ALL of the 9 tracks have been ’tuned’ into 9 different tones.

Available Courses

285 Hz Frequency Tone

285 Hz is all about ‘clearing your energy field’ and can be used to help clear illnesses and sickness, to become rejuvenated and strong.  

The Love Energy Frequency Program

The Love Energy Frequency Program is a life time access of my 20 years knowledge and experience, where I teach you all about the many different digital musical tones, frequencies, vibration, and energy centres.

My Courses Available Courses
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