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Hi Elyse, your cd arrived just after lunch, and I am really pleased that it arrived so soon. I am listening to it- 3rd run now. 1st time was with headphones and it was as cosmic as when you created that sound live on Saturday. The frequencies are, well don't know what to say, but I felt them, I am blessed to receive them. The words are so gentle and beautiful, it’s a very special piece of music.

By a rather amusing an and strange set of circumstances I was mistakenly asked if I would write a review for Elyse's CD "The Love Energy". I am a person who doesn't believe in mistakes. I believe that peoples paths cross for a reason and having listened to the CD I feel honoured and privileged to have been asked; mistaken or otherwise.
The music is based around the ancient "SolfeggioTones" which are reputed to be the original frequencies used by the Gregorian Monks when they chanted. I recently visited Mount St Bernard Abbey and sat through a service in which such chants took place; and having experienced a very unusual emotional and spiritual reaction, I was intrigued to hear this CD.
Having never reviewed a music CD before I invited a group of friends around to listen with me; as each track came on I explained the intention of that piece and the Chakra that particular frequency was healing. The vocals were beautiful and the lyrics uplifting. One of my friends used the word "electric" to describe the "awakening" / energy shifts created by the music. They described the beat as "one that makes you want to listen and take notice" and the energy created as "making you want to dance/ move". They described it as creating an "electric flow" through the body. We struggled to place "human" words on an essentially "spiritual/sacred" process.
On a personal level, one of my friends had been involved in a bad hiking/ walking accident which had seriously injured her ankle and subsequently affected her knee. She had arrived at my house walking with a stick. At the end of the CD she said: "This is weird, I feel great". She left my house without her stick!"
Dr M A Poyser 
A beautiful upbeat CD with a positive message. It is embedded with the ancient and sacred Solfeggio Frequencies. This affects you by clearing blocks in your energy field. I was sceptical at first but when I started to tear up as soon as one song began. I was sold. I am excited to use it with some of my clients. I certainly felt more happier and creative after listening. The world would be a much better place if all songs were produced in such a way.
Natalie Ashwood 

Hi, Elyse!
Thank you so much for the BEST EVER album!!! "LOVE ENERGY"
I was listening at work in my car all day and got much ENERGY with my passengers! I advertise your album to other passengers to buy.
Vladim Klein

I highly recommend listening to this regularly, not only does it contain beautiful harmonic frequencies, but punches out some catchy, uplifting melodies. Well done Elyse xx
Sas Bullock

I love the lyrics of the Love Energy album; Well chosen, piece by piece . Gives me positive energy up to the last track.
Bert Koning

Elyse, love the album. Playing all time on my Sonos Partying this weekend. Lots of my festival, clubbing and dancing tribe coming. This will be played LOUD! Thanks oh, talented and beautiful one.
Elizabeth Calderara

I gave my copy of your album to a client of mine diagnosed with MS  I told her to listen to it daily to help her healing. She said it is 'beautiful' and looks forward to putting it on each day now. Just to keep you in the loop of how your hard work is helping people x
Michael Darbyshire

Listening to your album is a great vitality boost, so love listening to it! It rocks!
Lesley Sutton

I Realised that I need to make replenishing my energy my first priority so have been walking on the beach every day this week in the sunshine (it's about 10 mins from my house) and it's been fabulous. Been listening to your album on my ipod as I've been walking and I feel so much better! I love the ease I'm feeling.   
Cath Daley

It's a first...I have mowed the entire lawn within the capacity of my own attention span!!
Amazing what sunshine and Elyse’s music does for you!!! 
Allie Pennington

We listened to your cd driving today and my whole body was covered in goosebumps when one of the songs you played came on. It was fabulous !! My 3 year old son then said when it finished can we listen to that one again! Truly powerful sure you will take it far!!
Amelia Parkinson Goodby

Just been listening to my new cd with Darren and Daniel the love energy what a top album and a very talented young lady who sings these songs wow I feel the love and feel the energy in each of the songs and helping to cleanse my chakras xx
Shona Robertson

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